An Avocado a Day: The Best—and Healthy—Way to Get Smashed

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The fruit that knows no boundaries, avocados have taken the foodie scene by storm in recent years, and here at URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN, we couldn’t be happier about it. Not only are avocados tasty and so so versatile, the bottom line is these nutrient-dense fruits work magic on our health. And… they’re fun to smash.

So, you wanna know why avocados get the gold medal in promoting health, wellness, glowing skin, great vision and how they make eating that burger guilt-free? Read on, friends!

Get Jazzed About Adding an Avocado a Day to Your Diet

1. Superfood for Your Skin! Avocados are bursting with omega-9 fatty acids and vitamins’ C and E that all come together to make our skin soft and supple, like just-bathed baby skin. The science behind that: vitamin C with its collagen and elastin mingles with vitamin E, which reduces damage from sun exposure and counteracts aging; those omega-9 fatty acids join the party to maintain moisture in our epidermis while regenerating epidermal cells and reducing redness and irritations. Boom, clear and sexy complexion city.

2. Filling and Oh, So Slimming! Those unwanted pounds will actually start to disappear and we ain’t kidding. So, you know how they say fiber is filling and you won’t eat as much, but somehow you always find room to binge on more, buy bigger pants and destroy that theory? Not happening with avocados. They legit will fill you up (we tested it… over and over and over) and because they digest slowly, your cravings will be curbed, and you’ll eat less often. Truth yo!

3. Come and Kiss Me Breath! These awesome scientists over at Ohio State University, well they did a whole lotta research, and it turns out that Hass avocados are packed with antibacterial and antioxidant flavonoids that not only give us fresh breath but may prevent oral cancer. How? Those nutrients in avocados kill oral cancer cells and prevent pre-cancerous cells from taking stage and developing into actual cancers. Take that, alcohol-burning mouthwash.

4. Liver… It’s a Match! So much to say here – an avocado a day will help your liver function much more efficiently as it may just be the superfood of superfoods for this vital organ. Avocados tell the body to produce glutathione – a freakishly important antioxidant crucial to the liver. This glutathione powerhouse filters out the junk we think we can’t live without—burgers, beer, blue cheese stuffed ravioli, cake. Along with vitamins’ C and E, avocados are also packed with vitamin K, and these three ass-kicking nutrients work together to protect the liver cells from damage, neutralizing free radicals and squashing cellular inflammation.

5. Surprise! Lower Blood Pressure! You can Google the countless (and uber-impressive) studies on this, or you can read on: avocados are loaded with potassium – a potassium-rich diet can equal happy blood pressure. Studies—many, many, notable studies—found that a potassium-rich diet can lower the systolic blood pressure by six mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by four mmHg. But before you jump on our avocado toast bandwagon, we wanted to share one other thing while we’re chatting potassium – it also helps prevent osteoporosis. Right? We can’t make this stuff up! An avocado a day… (we suggest the burrata toast).

6. Bye-Bye Burger! We’re kidding! Eat the burger – just throw an avocado on top. Those awesome nutrients in avocados help lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Yep – they totes transport all that cholesterol you just threw down with fries and a diet soda to the liver, which (also because of the avocado) kicks that cholesterol to the curb.

7. Freak Out the Eye Doc! Another thing avocados are bursting with – carotenoids. Vision boosting lutein and zeaxanthin protect against harmful blue light that damages our eye health. The more avocados we eat, the healthier our retinas will be and the lower our risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Avocadoes can actually help rebuild our eye health. Yep – totally throw your optometrist for a loop.

8. Cancer Cell Death! Those carotenoids that boost our vision, along with monounsaturated fats in avocados, give us extra protection from cancer. Organic compounds in avocados also work to cause cancerous cells to suffer apoptosis, which equals automatic cell death. Studies are super promising in breast and prostate cancer and more studies are popping up all the time!

9. Killer Kidney Instinct! That potassium we were super stoked about earlier – you know, how avocados are loaded with it? Well, studies show it’s great for people with kidney disease. One thing to note – anyone who suffers from hyperpotassemia should not eat avocados. It’s rare – but it’s real, so if you’re not sure, check with your doc.

10. Libido, Libido, Libido! Studies (so many avocado studies, right?) show the potassium, folic acid, monounsaturated fats, vitamin B6 and other minerals in avocados, support stamina and energy shown to boost the hormonal and vascular systems associated with sexual function and drive. #YoureWelcome

There’s more. There’s oh, so much more that avocados do for us, which is why we love to say “an avocado a day.” But if we kept listing them, you’d never find the time to pop in and eat our tasty toasts! Full disclosure… avocados weren’t supposed to be on the URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN menu. Yep – not even on the radar. Let’s just say, Allen’s Sicilian mom gets free avocado toast for life. Check out more on our URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN story.


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