Cold-Pressed Juice Vs. B-Squad Juice

What’s the difference between real, cold-pressed juice and juice made from centrifugal, masticating and slow juicers? You wanna be fierce like Beyoncé, or sing backup like Kelly and Michelle—you know, before Queen B stole the show? Well, lucky for you, at URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN, fierce is our middle name.

But seriously, we wouldn’t really compare goddesses’ Kelly and Michelle to b-squad juice. We just wanted to get your attention and make a point. Because the hard—and not so cold—truth is most “cold-pressed” juices out there are not, in fact, cold pressed. They’re phony AF and as such, have little-to-no nutritional value. Nothing goddess about them. Let’s delve.




Cold-Pressed Juice – The Facts

So, the whole point in cold-pressed juice is to create fresh juice with 100% nutrition, keeping every enzyme, vitamin and mineral intact – from plant to bod. Seems simple enough. Enter this super cool thing called a hydraulic press, which slowly applies up to nine tons (yes, tons) of pressure to all the awesome fruits and veggies you want to juice.

Using a hydraulic press not only preserves the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants—because the juice isn’t oxidized—it ensures freshness and produces juice that will last a few days in the refrigerator. Added bonus – it also yields a higher amount of juice and simply put, has a refreshingly clean flavor that other juicers just don’t deliver. You guessed it: a hydraulic press is your rock star (and only) answer to cold-pressed juice. Can we say flawless skin and glowing health?

FYI – “Cold press” means an actual juice press. Therefore, if we’re technically speaking (which we are), juice from masticating, centrifugal and slow juicers shouldn’t be called cold-pressed juice.

Fun fact: URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN only uses a hydraulic press when making juice. What’s that? Oh, just us, heading to the front of the class.

B-Squad Juice and the Juicers That Make Them

If you’re after a juice that breaks down fast, looks pulpy, chunky, a little sketchy and offers minimum nutrients… score! This next section is for you. Masticating, centrifugal and slow juicers look pretty and come with the parts and shiny buttons that will give you all the feels when you’re making your juice, but that’s where the good vibes end.

In extracting the juice from the plant, these juicers add heat, which oxidizes the plant, damaging all those nutrients you were craving to begin with – and then there’s all that prep time, cleaning, chopping and feeding into the juicer. Did we mention the mess and cleanup you need to do every time you make a juice? Yikes!

The thing is – why spend every day wishing you could get those 20-30 minutes back you wasted making non-nutritious juice when you can easy-breezy have 100% organic, true to the apple core, cold-pressed juice in the time it takes to open a bottle? Holla! See… we get you. Now, come on in and get us!

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