Saratoga Springs Picnic Spots: Top 5 Places for Your URBAN ROOTS Outing

Gather your friends and your URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN goodies and hit one of Saratoga Springs top five picnic spots this summer for an afternoon snack-fest or simply to chill with Mama Nature. We love calling Saratoga Springs our home, and one of our favorite things to do is get outside and explore the ‘hood… which we’ve done for you. Holla!

Today, we’re sharing our top picks for Saratoga Springs picnic spots, paired with our FAV awesome-for-your-bod URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN menu picks. So, put on those NSFW short shorts, grab a cooler and some tunes, cuz we’ve got the goods and the Saratoga picnic destination for you to hang this summer.





Saratoga Spa State Park

A National Historic Landmark, Saratoga Spa State Park really speaks for itself. Sprawling lawns, classical architecture, streams and trails galore, you can’t go wrong when you picnic at this top Saratoga spot. Not gonna lie; it’s a ‘holy crap, this is awesome’ big park – a favorite among the Saratoga community. Picnic pairing: Sip on a the beet goes on juice and wrap your lips around our avocado + salmon toast for a sunny afternoon delight.

Saratoga Race Course

The past comes alive when you picnic at the Saratoga Race Course just outside of downtown Saratoga Springs. Open mid-July through Labor Day, the window to get your picnic on at Saratoga Race Course is a small one, but so worth it! It just so happens, URBAN ROOTS KITCHEN co-owner Allen started his entrepreneur days at this race course. Lemonade is a sort of juice! Let’s just say, we think they should have placed their bets on him. Picnic pairing: A day at the horses calls for real food, real fast: avocado + apple toast and our dragon fruit smoothie bowl. Stay hydrated with 24 carrot juice or blk lemon juice … between the horses and the lemonade stand, you knew we were going there.

Yaddo Gardens

Just past the Saratoga Race Course in downtown Saratoga Springs, is Yaddo Gardens, a stunning, communal home-away-from-home for many an artist to get back to their roots. The land itself is said to have special powers – who wouldn’t be jazzed about a Saratoga Springs picnic here? Rumor has it, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven may have been locally sourced—aka written—at Barhyte’s Tavern. Picnic pairing: Cleanse the palette with kale me crazy smoothie, then dive into our culinary avocado + kimchi toast masterpiece. We know… inspiration overload.

Saratoga Congress Park

Smack dab in the middle of downtown Saratoga Springs is Historic Congress Park, the epitome of picnic spots for locals and visitors alike. Another National Historic Landmark, Congress Park may just be the perfect place to play hooky for the day and get your picnic on. Lush lawns, gardens, springs, fountains (and a famous carousel) pepper this park and scream farm to mouth, lip-smacking picnic awesomeness. Picnic pairing: Grab a mr. rogers smoothie for the 2-minute drive and pack your cooler with our avocado + blt toast and our plain (but never jane) avocado + toast. We promise, you’ll swoon.

Brown’s Beach on Saratoga Lake

We’d have to reroot our lives somewhere else if we didn’t mention Brown’s Beach on Saratoga Lake, a hidden gem just a couple miles south of downtown Saratoga Springs. One of the only public swimming spots on Saratoga Lake, Brown’s Beach is the perfect spot to soak up the sun, watch the sailboats glide by, swim a little and picnic the day away. Picnic pairing: Our favorite beach edibles—dang you pine juice, avocado + egg toast and our matcha smoothie bowl—will have you swimming laps around Saratoga Lake!

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